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How to become a TV Club member?

Simply register on our website https// You will have the opportunity to view our service for 7 days free of charge. Feel free to contact us for support by phone, email or live chat.

My package has expired. How do I renew it?

Service may be extended or renewed automatically after your payment. Please contact our support group, if you would like any changes applied.

I forgot my password.

To resume your password, please click "Log In" in the upper right corner of this site. Click “Forgot Password” and enter email address you specified at registration.

I want to change my password.

Password can be changed in Personal Area. Simply enter old password, then new password and confirm it. If you forgot your password, please see "I forgot my password".

Where can I find information about packages and channels?

Detailed information about Ukrainian television, Russian television and Polish Television packages is available in "Personal Area" after registration. Please contact our support group for additional assistance.

How to buy package I am interested in?

Once registered with TV Club, you can subscribe to one of the Ukrainian TV, Russian TV or Polish TV packages, that suits your needs best, in "Personal Area".

How to register?

Visit click Regestration.
   Fill out the required fields and confirm your information noting "I agree with conditions" and clicking on "Register".
   Confirm registration via e-mail, specified in the registration form. Check your mail and confirm letter about regestration.
After successful implementation you will have access to your profile (Enter button Sign In) to use the service.

How to pay?

You can pay for our services in the following ways:

- Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa)
- PayPal

Where can I see my account's status and payment history?

Information on the current balance and payment history is available in the Personal Area.

Is it possible to preview Ukrainian television, Russian television and /or Polish television channels before agreeing to a contract?

Yes, of course. Simply register on TV Club site (https// and watch 7 days for free.

How to connect a Set-Top Box to my television?

You can connect your Set-Top Box to your television according to instructions for your model. You may also check back with our website.

What Internet speed is required for optimal viewing?

For optimal viewing of TV Club service, internet speed should be no less than 2 Mb/s for conventional channels and 6 Mb/s for HD channels. Through the use of adaptive streaming technology, it is possible to view TV Club services with speed two (2) times lower, but image quality will be partially lost.

I have trouble viewing and image "froze".

There may be problem with speed of your internet connection. If internet speed is sufficient, please contact technical support.

When trying to order, a PIN number is requested. What should I enter?

Category “adult” channels are protected with additional PIN-code automatically due to “Parental Control” function. Such PIN-code should be given to you at registration. To change your PIN-code, please refer to "Personal Area".

How to disable "Parental Control" function?

Such function may be disabled in "Personal Area".

Is it possible to add a channel to my package?

Please send an email to requesting addition of a specific channel or several channels.

Set-Top Box will not start.

Restart your equipment by disconnecting Power STB first and power modem or router second. If the console still does not start or reboot, please contact technical support.

To contact us, use the most convenient method for you:

On-line chat, skype, phone, e-mail.

Phone:  1 (844) 4TVCLUB (1-844-488-2582) - USA & Canada Toll free
Phone:  1 (866) 847-0248 - USA & Canada Toll free - For dealers only
Phone:  1 (917) 677-9330 (USA)
Phone:  1 (647) 956-9126 (Canada)