Terms of Service

Terms of Service


  • Client (“client” or “subscriber” from here on) must be at least 18 years old and have valid credit card/bank account in his/her name.
  • Service provision, archive, delivery and any other function of STB service, website and the whole set of offered services of TV Club (“TV Club” or “company” from here on) is supported by clients’ payments. In return, each client receives personalized access to TV Club’s services at all times, without right of public re-transmission or any other re-transmission for commercial purposes.
  • TV Club may sell an STB (set-top box) or give it away as part of a promotion, which may be returned within 17 days in its original packaging. TV Club is responsible for working condition of STB provided by the company and will replenish STB in case of its working default.
  • TV Club is not responsible for quality of STB (Set-top boxes), computers, tablets or smart phones purchased directly by clients from any other company than TV Club in order to use TV Club’s services. TV Club provides options of viewing its services on such devices. Any software produced for provision of services is TV Club’s property.
  • TV Club is not responsible for client’s internet provider contracts and actions. Technical specifics are provided on TV Club’s website under “Technical Support” and client is responsible for contacting its internet provider to adhere to TV Club’s technical conditions.
  • The content provided by TV Club may change at any time without a notice to client. Such changes may happen due to various business or legal decisions.
  • Client is not in any way allowed to share his/her access to TV Club’s services to third-party subscribers, re-transmit services for public viewing or demonstrate outside of family and friends circle. If aforementioned stipulations occur, agreement and services will be automatically dismissed and client’s account blocked from reinstatement.


  • Upon service activation, client accepts that he/she is part of the service and is in legally binding contract between such client on one side and TV Club and its subsidiaries, divisions, partners and providers on the other side.
  • Client can use TV Club’s services once client confirms his/her participation with valid and accepted for payment credit card or any other form of payment accepted by company. TV Club’s services may be used during free trial viewing period.
  • By using company’s services, client accepts terms and conditions of his/her agreement with TV Club.


  • Prior to confirming agreement with TV Club and payment, client may inspect company’s services during 7-day trial viewership. During trial period, which will start within 24 hours after confirmed initial request, services will be provided for free, except during highly sought-after events, which include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Christmas/New Year holidays (December 25-January 15)
  • Olympic games
  • Sports championship
  • TV Club offers various packages to its clients, which start at 8.99USD and may be up to 29.99USD. Several packages are provided to satisfy client’s preferences.
  • If client agrees to automatic payments, he/she is aware that such will be charged directly to account provided on a monthly basis and according to agreement.
  • Client may stop viewership at any time. In such occurrence, TV Club does not return any prepaid funds, including monthly payments, already transferred. Client is responsible for providing correct and updated information at the time of service agreement. Client is also responsible for updated his/her profile if any applicable changes occur.


  • Client has a right of cancellation at any time. Cancellation request must be in written form and forwarded to technical support through email.
  • In case of cancellation, TV Club will not return any funds prepaid on annual, semi-annual or monthly agreements. If client chooses to cancel prior to extinction of contract, he/she is responsible for payment of remaining contract period.
  • Client is not responsible for any payment, if cancellation happens during or at extinction of free trial period.


  • In case client unlawfully stops his/her payment, TV Club will pursue collection of such payment through appropriate collections agencies. TV Club kindly requests to contact company directly and try to rectify any dispute or disagreement related to company’s services.


  • Client may choose to purchase STB (set-top box) from TV Club or may receive it for free as part of a promotion. In order to receive full refund, client must return STB within 17 days in its original packaging. Shipping fees are not refundable.
  • If STB provided by TV Club does not properly work, TV Club is responsible to replace such STB at no cost to client. TV Club is not responsible for full replacement, if STB device becomes faulty due to client’s actions.
  • TV Club is not responsible for quality and working condition of any device that was not supplied by TV Club but are necessary for use of company’s services. Such devices may include, but are not limited to:
  1. STB (set-top boxes) not purchased through or received from TV Club. Such STB must be compatible with plug-ins provided by TV Club.
  2. Computers
  3. Tablets
  4. Smart phones


  • Upon completion of registration, client will create an account with TV Club and set up his/her own password. Client is responsible for keeping his/her password and information confidential and takes full responsibility for account usage.
  • Client agrees to notify TV Club immediately, if any other party uses client’s password, accesses account and alters it in any way. Client also agrees to notify TV Club immediately if any other breach of confidentiality occurs. In order to protect his/her account, client should always log out after completing his/her session.
  • TV Club is not responsible for any damages or losses that occurred if client does not take steps to keep his/her information protected.


  • Client guarantees full compensation and agrees to protect TV Club, its affiliates and divisions, owners, agents, working personnel, partners from any financial responsibility in relation to any lawsuits and collection, including legal fee expenses, started by a third-party or client him/herself prior, during and after client’s usage of TV Club’s services.


  • Client agrees that he/she will not take any actions that are intended to cause direct or indirect harm to TV Club’s equipment, software and website, including technical monitoring and repair. Imitation of TV Club’s software, retransmission and any other direct or indirect action to hinder TV Club’s services will result in closure of client’s account and legal action started by company against such client.